9.20 – Ford Motor Co, Hillary’s IT Fail, NYC Bombing, and Author and Historian Craig Nelson

At the keel laying of the USS Arizona - 2nd man from the left is Franklin Roosevelt.

This was certainly day where I would’ve STRONGLY preferred to have a second hour – SO much to talk about. Listen to the entire show here:

HausGuest – Craig Nelson

This was one of the most interesting segments of the year. Craig Nelson has JUST written a book on Pearl Harbor – covering the three decades leading up to it and how its consequences have resonated over the decades ever since:pearl-harbor

Here is a portion of the book’s summary:

The America we live in today was born, not on July 4, 1776, but on December 7, 1941, when an armada of 354 Japanese warplanes supported by aircraft carriers, destroyers, and midget submarines suddenly and savagely attacked the United States, killing 2,403 men—and forced America’s entry into World War II. Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness follows, moment by moment, the sailors, soldiers, pilots, diplomats, admirals, generals, emperor, and president as they engineer, fight, and react to this stunningly dramatic moment in world history.

Beginning in 1914, bestselling author Craig Nelson maps the road to war, beginning with Franklin D. Roosevelt, then the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (and not yet afflicted with polio), attending the laying of the keel of the USS Arizona at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Writing with vivid intimacy, Nelson traces Japan’s leaders as they lurch into ultranationalist fascism, which culminates in their insanely daring yet militarily brilliant scheme to terrify America with one of the boldest attacks ever waged. Within seconds, the country would never be the same.

Craig was an extremely engaging and interesting guest – I could’ve EASILY talked to him another hour about the book. Suffice it to say, within 5 minutes of the conclusion of today’s show, I purchased an audio version of the book. I’ll let you know my thoughts as I proceed through it.

Other Topics

  1. Ford is moving all of its small car manufacturing to Mexico. And I love it.
  2. Hillary’s IT guy tried to get deletion info off of Reddit – the day AFTER the State Dept agreed to turn over her emails.
  3. The NYC bombing suspect was apprehended and shot.
    – Donald Trump decried the fact that he’ll get good hospital care and legal representation.
    – Chris Hayes was relieved he only used explosive devices and not guns.

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