9.22 – Charlotte Riots, Hollywood in Toto, and Foreign Policy Expert Robert C. O’Brien

I had a list of things to discuss (Anthony Weiner, Hillary, vegetarian protest against In n Out Burger), but got distracted by the news feed at the beginning of the hour. Maybe I’ll hit these things tomorrow. LOL.

It definitely was a VERY good show (almost entirely due to two GREAT HausGuests: Christian Toto and Robert C. O’Brien):

Hollywood in TotoChristian Toto

Christian and I discussed the following movies:

  1. Room – Brie Larson won an Oscar for her performance and I finally saw it. And LOVED it.
  2. Magnificent Seven – GREAT job by Denzel, visually fantastic, but seemed to be playing dress up rather than a REAL western.
  3. Snowden – Oliver Stone’s ideological agenda handcuffs the movie, although Joseph Gordon-Levitt is GREAT
  4. I.T. – Pierce Brosnan does a good job but the movie is definitely one to avoid

Listen to the isolated segment here:

HausGuest – Robert C. O’Brien

Here is Robert’s VERY impressive CV:

Robert C. O’Brien is a trial lawyer with an international practice at Larson O’Brien LLP in Los Angeles. He was a senior foreign policy advisor to Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ted Cruz in the 2016 presidential campaign. Robert was a senior advisor to Governor Mitt Romney during both of his presidential campaigns. Robert was Co-Chairman of the US Department of State Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan, serving in the role under both Secretary of State Rice and Secretary Clinton. He was a presidentially appointed member of the US Cultural Property Advisory Committee, which advises the US Government on the trafficking of protected antiquities and cultural items.

Robert was nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the US Senate to serve as a US Representative to the 60th session of the United Nations General Assembly, where he worked with Ambassador John Bolton. Earlier in his career, Robert was a senior legal officer with the United Nations Security Council in Geneva, Switzerland where he handled claims against Iraq arising out of the first Gulf War. He served as a major in the JAG Corps of the US Army Reserve.

We talked at length about the domestic national security threat due to radical Islam – and how the Administration’s “Lead from Behind” policies have endangered us. And how a dramatic change in policy and procedure is needed.

One particular brilliant insight: he suggested the war on Islamic terror is more analogous to the Cold War than to WW2 (due to the length of time and ideological consideration of the opposition).

Much of the conversation was informed by Robert’s recent book (which is a collection of articles and essays on defense-related issues):obrien-book

Other Topics

  1. Charlotte is aflame with riots.
  2. Glenn Reynolds (@Instapundit) was banned from Twitter for this:screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-7-19-08-am
  3. Which raises this VERY interesting issue:screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-7-19-25-am

Thank you for reading and listening!

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