9.23 – Gender Names Help, Vegan InNOut, Dan Chambers, and David Harsanyi

A last minute addition of a bonus “Ask the Counselor” segment helped push this show from “great” to “superb.” Listen to the entire show here:

Ask the Counselor – Dan Chambers

I messaged Dan early this morning to help me understand what was going on with this:screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-11-26-20-am

He agreed, with only a minimal portion of an hour to be billed to the show. The case was DEFINITELY not what the headline implied…

HausGuest – David Harsanyi

This was David’s 3rd HausGuest segment and I was VERY excited to have him on. He did NOT disappoint.

We started by agreeing that these days we’d both rather do just about anything than pay attention to whatever H-Rod or The Donald has to say (or that anyone else has to say about them). Because nothing is new or changing.

I’d planned on walking through his most recent articles (the list is HERE, if you haven’t already bookmarked his author page) but we didn’t even get to them.

We did touch on three must- read books:

We concluded by agreeing that we’ll both be watching the debate on Monday night, but disagreed with the type of drug needed to assist in viewing. I suggested alcohol and he responded by saying that something stronger might be called for.

Other Topics

  1. There’s a petition circulating to influence In n Out Burger to add a vegetarian option. That’s stupid:

    Freshness you can taste.® #quality #burger

    A photo posted by In-N-Out Burger (@innout) on

  2. There’s a helpful website listing ALL the gender nomenclature options!

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