A Men’s Sexual Health Study Recommendation That All Men Will Cheer

  • 1 in 6 men get prostate cancer
  • Over 25,000 men will die from it this year
  • There is an activity that will lower one’s chances: having an orgasm
  • The study shows that it must be repeated at least 21 times a month

“But sweetheart, I have a note from a doctor!!!”

Via Independent Journal:

The Harvard Medical School just released a study about one way that men can significantly reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer.


According to findings, if a man has an orgasm at least 21 times a month, he’ll then have a 22% lower risk of prostate cancer.

One of the reasons given by researchers is that cancer-causing chemicals are possibly flushed from the prostate after ejaculation. The more times a man does this, the better his chances are that he’ll be rid of potential disease contributors.

Another theory is that the more sperm is released and replaced, the less likely old cells build up in the prostate and turn cancerous.

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