America: Illegal Aliens Attending California Universities Need Your Help!

UC Berkeley Protest

Dear Non-California-Residing Americans,

Writing from here in the beleaguered Golden State, my heart is broken and I hope the response to this plea will be overwhelming and lightning fast. We desperately need your help.

The problem: Illegal aliens Undocumented immigrants attending any of the University of California campuses cannot afford their tuition and other support services for them are woefully underfunded

The solution: Please send money.

The UC system includes 10 different schools, including the nationally ranked UC’s Berkeley and Los Angeles, and all of them have significant populations of students who are denied access to certain federal college loan programs because they are breaking the law and are thus ineligible.

Janet Napolitano, the former Homeland Security Secretary and Governor of Arizona, became the President of the system in 2013 and immediately earmarked $5 million to help these marginalized students. Obviously, this was a wonderful gesture but it was hardly sufficient. More was needed.

Napolitano just set up a plan to increase funding to over $25 million, almost all of which will be specifically directed towards making loans available for illegal alien undocumented immigrant undergraduates.

Here’s what she said when the program was announced:

“We are committed to continuing a path forward for undocumented students at the University of California. This funding will further strengthen the university’s undocumented student initiative, and help ensure that these students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.”

There are going to be three ways that the money will be used:

  1. $5 million a year for financing tuition
  2. $2.5 million for increased staff and other expenses
  3. $900,000 for the Undocumented Legal Services Center

This still isn’t enough. Doing some simple math, you can see that this only represents $840,000 per year for each of the university system’s 10 locations. Rather than being helpful, it’s really just a spit in the face.

Students at UCLA just published an editorial in the Daily Bruin echoing these sentiments, saying this:

“While the total allocation, which will be over five times more than what Napolitano promised in 2013, is promising, the expiration date shows that progress still needs to be made. Setting expiration dates only serves to create uncertainty among students whose futures are already held in tenuous balance due to patchwork governmental policies.”

Certainty about the future is something that we all need, right? No less for these students, too.

Room, board, and tuition for a year in the UC system runs about $34,000 for those that can successfully establish residency and over $58,000 for those that cannot. Illegal alien Undocumented immigrant students fall into both categories, depending on how long they’ve been in the state and whether or not they can dummy up supply proof of residence. This means each campus can only loan enough money to finance the schooling of a maximum of 14 students per year, for a total of 140 students statewide.

There are more than 140 illegal alien undocumented immigrant students who have a right to borrow money to attend the University of California.

Furthermore, considering the critically important work that the Undocumented Legal Services Center does, $90,000 per campus is a pittance. That won’t even allow each campus to hire an additional lawyer! How can we expect the legal needs of our illegal alien undocumented immigrant students will be met without adequate resources and staffing? This is unfair and a human-rights outrage.

After understanding the dire circumstances our state is facing, you now understand the reason for this letter. We need everyone else to pitch in and write some checks. I’m hoping for a response of about $280 million, representing one teeny-tiny dollar from each resident of the 49 other states. This would be an extremely good start.

Mail your checks, made out to “University of California,” to the following address:

University of California
Office of the President
1111 Franklin Street
Oakland, CA 94607

As a resident of the state, I am doing my part, as well. I certainly cannot expect to request action from others while sitting around doing nothing. Starting really soon, I’ll be beginning a letter-writing campaign to all members of the California Assembly and Senate, insisting that income and sales taxes be raised so that more funds can be made available. Governor Brown and Lt. Governor Newsom will also be getting letters as well.

Together we can give our great state’s illegal alien undocumented immigrant college student population the support that they deserve!

Thank you in advance,

Michael P. Hausam

This was originally published by Independent Journal Reviewindependent-journal-opinion

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