‘Blue Nation Review’ Hillary-Worshiping Article Is the Funniest of the Year

Blue Nation Review just published an article headlined “Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America.” It’s one of the most-shared articles across all social media platforms.

And it seems that the writer is actually serious.

Here are the points they make:

  • “Hillary’s detractors on the right, left and center reel off a laundry list of unsupported accusations with an air of absolute authority, as though it is simply a given that she is a terrible, horrible, no-good human being”
  • “But the fact is this: no one has ever produced an iota of evidence that Hillary has behaved improperly because of a campaign contribution”
  • “From Whitewater to Benghazi to her emails, nobody can point to a single instance of corruption or purposeful wrongdoing on Hillary Clinton’s part”
  • “The most they have are votes they disagree with. And even there, the false frames are tossed around with no regard for facts”
  • “Hillary is an upstanding, principled leader who has survived the most intrusive, invasive, aggressive and unending vetting process in political history. Time and again, she has emerged with her integrity intact”

If this changed your mind about her – you can make a donation at HillaryClinton.com.

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