Christians In America Are Still the Overwhelming Majority, But the Numbers Are Slowly Dropping

  • 75% of Americans self-identify as Christian, down from 80% in 2008:
  • 20% have no affiliation, up from 15% in 2008
  • Other religions total to 5%
  • Older Americans more likely to be Christian than younger ones
  • In the 1950s, over 90% of Americans were Christian

Via Gallup:


America remains a predominantly Christian nation, with three-quarters of all adults identifying with a Christian faith, and with over 90% Christian representation among those who say they are a member of any kind of religion. A major religious trend in the U.S., however, has been the increasing number of Americans who say they do not have a formal religious identification.

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This expansion has been accompanied by the shrinkage in the number of people who identify as Christian. More than 95% of Americans identified as Christian in the 1950s, and 80% did so as recently as eight years ago. While the 5% of the population who identify with a non-Christian faith is higher than it was decades ago, it has not shown significant change over the past eight years.

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