Conservative Artist Sabo SERIOUSLY Crashed Bernie Sanders’ Art Expo in LA

The HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles is having a political exhibition: art promo

From their website: “HVW8 Gallery and Bernie Sanders 2016 have united to launch a national group art exhibition which will open and kick off in West Hollywood focused around critical issues affecting our country” with art like this:Cody_Hudson_Bernie-638x957

Sabo crashed the party on Friday night – the evening before Sanders himself was to be present.

On the sidewalk in front of the gallery:bernie sidewalk

On the light pole:Bernie light signs

In the bus stop advertising display:bus stop display

On the benches across the street:bernie benches

And these F-You posters all around:Sabo Trump

No word as to whether Bernie contacted Sabo to get signed versions of the art…

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8 Comments on "Conservative Artist Sabo SERIOUSLY Crashed Bernie Sanders’ Art Expo in LA"

  1. Great stuff that SABO does and extremely funny!

  2. Simple, effective, beautiful.

  3. Uh oh. Looks like someone pooped in their safe space. Brilliant!

  4. ill bet the dumbsh*t sabo is a big Hillary fan…assh*le

  5. Feel the guerney, Bernie!

  6. Throwing pearls to the swine!!! Thanks for your work, Sabo!!!

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