Dan Joseph Interviews Katie Couric And Uncovers a Shocking Truth: She Eats Puppies

On the heels of her critically acclaimed and genius masterwork gun control documentary, investigative journalist Katie Couric sat down for an interview with MRCtv’s Dan Joseph. Joseph expertly guided the exchange and Couric was refreshingly candid and intelligent in response.

Watch the entire interview here:

As to the breed of puppies consumed by Mrs. Couric, I spoke directly with Dan about why no question was asked about this. This was his response:

Mrs. Couric’s media relations team requested an advanced viewing of the segment and after watching it, requested that the portion of the segment featuring questions concerning the breed of the dog be edited. They were concerned that Mrs. Couric’s bangs cast unacceptable shadows across her forehead and as her hairstyle is an essential part of her journalistic ethos, requested a post-production adjustment to remove them. To maintain integrity, I elected to remove the segment altogether rather than artificially manipulate the images.

Given the context and subject matter, you’ll agree that this was a wise decision.

This may be one of the most important interviews ever given!

[Editors note: Dan Joseph will be making his 3rd HausRules appearance on Tuesday morning’s radio show]

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