Do You Cuss In Front of Your Kids? This Mom Doesn’t Give a $#!t

  • Warning: This is NSFW
  • Comment if you just clutched your pearls: Grow Up
  • Her article title: “5 Reasons I Don’t Give An Eff About Swearing In Front Of My Kids”
  1. Because I am a grown up
  2. Because they are kids
  3. Because with kids, everything is baby talk, euphemisms, and indecipherable kiddie code.
  4. Because parenting is a series of inscrutable WTF moments
  5. Because I have given up so much shit already

When I cuss in front of any of my 5 kids (especially the 8 and 9 year olds), it’s almost always accidental. This woman has got to be awesome and her husband is a LUCKY guy.

Via Scary Mommy:

Three years ago, my husband made a unilateral promise to our kids: Each time he or I swore, we would put a quarter in the Swear Jar. If and when the jar filled up, the money would be theirs. First of all: WTF. And second of all: Are you fucking kidding me?


Drawn by the writer’s kid, Wylder Levkoff, age 8

I dropped $10 into the jar and explained that I was paying ahead for the summer. The kids were confused. They don’t understand currency yet, and they think that all paper money equals a million dollars, so they were excited.

My husband was truer to the spirit of the exercise and had almost wiped out our savings by the time the first leaves fell from the trees.

So after the kids cashed out, we reversed our policy decision. It was back to saying whatever the fuck we wanted.

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