Dr. Thomas Sowell Just Endorsed Ted Cruz – Here’s Why

In an essay titled Tragedy and Choices, Dr. Thomas Sowell just endorsed Ted Cruz.

His reasons:

  1. Antonin Scalia’s death – and subsequent SCOTUS opening – immediately becomes the single most important election issue
  2. The next President will likely have more than just Scalia’s seat to fill (assuming Obama is unsuccessful trying to fill it himself)
  3. Military threats to the country are the second most important issue
  4. A serious candidate is required – not one with “glitter or glibness” (meaning Donald Trump, a “self-centered know-it-all)
  5. A novice to government and politics cannot be allowed to become President
  6. Ted Cruz’s experience is the most comparable to that of a governor, one whose track records are clear for all to see
  7. Rubio doesn’t have the same experience and there is definitely a problem with his “abortive attempt to join Democrats in promoting amnesty”
  8. Cruz has the necessary “depth and steadfastness”
  9. He knows how important the Supreme Court is and he has the “intellect to understand much more”

Hard to argue with Dr. Sowell, isn’t it? I haven’t yet made up my mind between Rubio and Cruz, as I have issues with both of them, but he makes a very compelling case.

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