Econ 101 Debate Over Free Trade: Milton Friedman VS Donald Trump

  • Imagine a debate between the greatest proponent of free trade in the last 100 years and Donald Trump
  • You’re welcome:

  • Trump: “You know what? They’re going to make cars here. And maybe a person is going to buy fewer cars over the course of a lifetime. Who cares?”
  • Friedman: “When I look at legislation, it always seems to me that legislation is enacted to benefit a small group at the expense of a large one. Free trade is a way of benefiting a large group at the expense of a small group. But politically, a small group always speaks with a bigger voice”
  • Money quote: “In time of war, we blockade our enemies to prevent them from getting goods from us. In time of peace, we do to ourselves by tariffs what we do to our enemies in time of war”

Trump may say that he is “pro-American,” but to be clear, he’s just pro SOME Americans at the expense of the rest.

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  1. Sadly, more and more “Republicans” agree with Donald Trump, the prohibitionists and the labor unions on free trade.

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