Fret NOT: There ARE Conservative Things Happening In DC and This is Fantastic

  • 7 free speech-protecting provisions were buried in the massive omnibus bill that was passed in December
  • Some Republicans that conservatives love to hate were involved – they should be applauded
  • The issues:
  1. IRS may not issue regulations to limit the political speech of non-profits
  2. Donations to non-profits will not trigger gift taxes
  3. Detailed disclosure of tax-exempt contributions cannot be required by the SEC
  4. Government contractors cannot be required to disclose political contributions
  5. Private email accounts for business communications may not be used by IRS employees
  6. Groups denied tax-exempt status may now pursue a second opinion via the court system
  7. IRS employees who discriminate based upon political affiliation will be fired

We spend a lot of cynical time decrying what we don’t like. It’s especially fun to see something GOOD happen.

Thanks to American Commitment for putting this video together and highlighting this issue!

Thank you for reading and please share!

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