Gallup Just Polled a Record High Number For Donald Trump – and He Will NOT Like It

Gallup has been tracking negative opinions of Presidential candidates for 24 years – and Trump just registered the highest they’ve ever recorded.

  • Trump – 60% negative image among those polled
  • Hillary – 52%
  • Jeb – 45%
  • Christie – 38%
  • Cruz – 37%
  • Rubio – 33%
  • Sanders – 31%
  • Carson – 30%
  • Previous election-season high – George H.W. Bush was at 57% negative when he was running for reelection
  • Previous all-time highs – 66% for George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at 59%

Thomas Sowell just published an article titled “Grow Up” in which he discusses some of the stunningly negative characteristics of Trump, many of which contribute to this record-high negative poll result.

It is amazing how many people have been oblivious to this middle-aged man’s spoiled brat behavior, his childish boastfulness about things he says he is going to do, and his petulant response to every criticism with ad hominem replies.

He has boasted that his followers would stick by him even if he committed murder. But is that something to boast about? Is it not an insult to his followers, if it is true? Moreover, his cockiness is misplaced, because he still does not have a majority among Republican voters, while you need a majority of all the voters to win any state in the general election.

Trump has a showman’s talent for telling people what they want to hear. But you can listen in vain for a coherent argument from him, based on facts and logic, much less an understanding of the inherent limitations of the office of president.

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