‘Gawker’ and ‘The Young Turks’ Distort Street Artist Sabo For Political Points

Gawker” just published an article titled “Ted Cruz Stops Selling Merchandise From Super Racist Street Artist.” It was a follow up to a video posted by The Young Turks which made the same sort of assertions.

What they’re really doing is willfully ignoring what Sabo is doing in order to advance a politically correct agenda. They understand his point but aren’t intellectually honest enough to admit or confront it.

For them, it is unacceptable in today’s safe-space environment to point out that some cultures ARE superior to others. It is also required that extreme contortions are required in order to avoid giving offense. For example, the Islamic State’s archaic and atrocious murders, along with their other acts of brutal terror, “have absolutely nothing to do with Islam,” when everyone knows they are being done for EXACTLY that reason.

Firstly, it is true that the Ted Cruz website is no longer offering Sabo’s merchandise. Sabo did confirm to me that the campaign was completely out of stock of all previously-offered items and no subsequent merchandise orders have been made.

Secondly, the overall political agenda of the article’s writer, Gabriella Bluestone, can clearly be seen by looking at a few of the articles that she has recently published. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having an agenda, one way or another, but that certainly must have an impact on evaluating her writing. She’s clearly not a non-partisan journalist.

Here are a few of the articles’ headlines (with links)

[Note that on the last article, she doesn’t mention that all of the Democrat candidates for President are … old and white. Two of the three top Republican candidates are neither.]

This is how the article ends:

In Ted Cruz’s defense, this picture is probably the coolest thing about him.

This is the picture to which she refers:Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.27.14 PM

The article mentions and shows this Tweet, as evidence of Sabo’s being a “Super Racist”:fhseox96bcldtpr0kwvc

On the surface, of course, this could be understood as racist. The context, however, is critical. It would be helpful to quickly review Chris Rock’s 1996 “Bring the Pain” concert – and its now-famous excerpt commonly referred to as “Black People VS Niggaz”:

It might also be helpful to refer to the Facebook page with the same name.

Sabo’s activist art is intentionally provocative and cutting edge – perhaps well beyond the edge for some. And that is also the point.

In a conversation that we had on Tuesday night, this is what Sabo said to me about the “controversy”:

What ‘The Young Turks’ did with this piece on me is a basic attack used to make Republicans tuck tail and head for the hills. They do it because it works. We’ve come to loath these kinds of tactics from the media and also cowardice from our candidates. This is exactly why people have flocked to Trump, he refuses to run from the heat. He IS the heat.

As an artist I reserve the right to frame any point I choose however I feel best conveys that point. Even if it is hyper-offensive. I will never use ‘trigger warnings.’

The Left might shy away from the idea that there is a difference between a nigger and a black man, they might refuse to acknowledge the dangers coming out of the muslim community for fear of being branded racists but I know this for sure, the people effected know that there’s a difference, they know that there’s a threat. As an artist I will not shy away from pointing these differences out.

Sabo was a guest on my radio show earlier this year and we talked about this precise topic. You can listen to the segment here (it begins approximately halfway through the show):

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