#HausRules Radio – 12/19 – The #DemDebate

I wasn’t going to do a podcast nor watch the debate. I didn’t watch but couldn’t resist the urge to check Twitter. And that was that. 10 minutes later I couldn’t help but spend 30 minutes talking about the dipshittery.

Listen here:

I went through the Tweets that made my head explode and here they are.

Best opening Tweet:

She obviously understands conservatives’ plans to eliminate rights as a thing in America:

They were thrown some SERIOUS softballs:

Irony alert – she certainly gave up on SOME people in Libya:

Because race-based hiring is essential for good community policing:

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way that a college student could figure out which degrees earn more and which ones earn less?

Because they are BREAKING LAWS:

Great Tweet from my editor at @IJReview:

Because health care ISN’T a right. Calling something a right doesn’t make it so:

Obviously, the answer to the issues in healthcare is more pricing controls from D.C.:

Is his desire that everyone should earn the same or that the rich should just earn less?

Perfect Tweet from Gutfeld:

EVERYONE should love H-Rod, right?

Everyone agrees that wages should be higher – but just decreeing it from D.C. is NOT the way to do it. Businesses competing for labor is the way to do it:

No wonder O’Malley is losing so badly – this is NOT Democrat-speak:

Because all of those rich people are forcing us to buy iPhones and stuff:

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