#HausRules Radio – GOP Meltdown – 12/27

I woke up this morning to a totally blown-up Twitter feed due to an article I wrote for IJReview on Trey Gowdy’s just-announced support of Marco Rubio. People were REALLY ticked off.

I was also was very interested over the last couple of days by a Gallup survey on Christianity in America, HuffPo’s scolding us over the energy consumed to run Christmas lights, and Kurt Russell’s pro-gun libertarian political views.

So I did this show:


  1. Gallup’s Christianity in America polling.
  2. HuffPo says we use too much electricity on Christmas, compared to developing nations’ total energy use.
  3. Kurt Russell‘s latest controversial interviews prove that he is a pro-gun libertarian.
  4. Trey Gowdy just caused a huge ruckus by endorsing Marco Rubio.

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