#HausRules’ Tuesday Guest: Conservative Media Critic Christian Toto

I’ve read Christian Toto’s stuff for years and first heard him on Dennis Miller’s radio show. So, I’m thrilled to have him on the show tomorrow!

Bookmark his site “Hollywood in Toto” – here’s the explanation of its purpose:

“This site reflects both what’s missing with online journalism as well as what works just fine, thank you. HiT will feature reviews with a purpose. When you finish reading one your gut will know whether you should waste your time on that movie, show or series. Our interviews will avoid fluff and ask tougher questions of the people who entertain us for a living. You deserve nothing less.”

Among other things, we’ll certainly be discussing #OscarsSoWhite.

Christian is on the front lines putting into practice Andrew Breitbart’s dictum “politics is downstream from culture,” and I’m sure it’ll be a GREAT time.chr

The show starts at 7am PST / 10am EST and you can find listening options here:hausruleslogo-Centered

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