Heat Street’s Jillian Kay Melchior on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Most of what you’re hearing about the Dakota Access Pipeline is WRONG: the protestors are NOT uniformly peaceful and wonderful, American Indian lands are NOT being covered with pipelines, the land in question is not pristine and without any other oil or gas networks, and the contractors have NOT ignored the wants and needs of the local population.

Heat Street‘s Jillian Kay Melchior was on my #HausRules Radio Show this morning and we discussed the topic at length:Listen to “Heat Street’s Jillian Melchior – 12.14.16” on Spreaker.

She’s written several recent articles on the topic:

  1. At Heat Street:screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-34-02-am
  2. At National Review:screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-42-13-am

Here’s a video she recently Tweeted, showing what’s REALLY going on:

She was also on the Wall Street Journal‘s Opinion Journal talking about it as well:

Bottom line: the frabbajabba over the pipeline is NOTHING like that which is being presented and Jillian is the PERFECT person to explain to us.

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