Here Are 11 Reasons Not to Vote For Donald Trump

Dana Loesch, fierce gun-rights defender and host of her own television show, just published an op/ed on the reasons why she isn’t supporting Donald Trump.

And they’re good.

Here are my favorites:

  1. He gave over $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation
  2. He has consistently fought Tea Party activism
  3. He has given more to Democrats than Republicans in previous election cycles
  4. He approves of a government mandate to purchase health insurance
  5. He has been very inconsistent in his 2nd Amendment support
  6. He defends Planned Parenthood
  7. He’s neutral on the Israel/Palestine conflict
  8. He’s a supporter of eminent domain abuse

I would also add three of my own:

  • His record of business failures is very large, despite constant self-congratulations on the topic. Of course, every successful person has failures and that’s not the issue. But the details of his bankruptcies and some of the failures (Trump University, for example) are quite telling. Bottom line: he’s not anywhere near the business titan that he presents himself to be.
  • I have absolutely no confidence in the type of Supreme Court justice he’d nominate, especially since he was historically critical of Antonin Scalia. This is a huge concern.
  • His New York state political activism significantly leans left. New York’s economy sucks and they’re famously anti-fracking, for example, yet Trump has been almost invisible working to “Make New York Great.” New York has been his home for almost his entire life but there’s no real record of him supporting or advancing a conservative agenda.

Look at this list of his donations to Democrats, a big chunk of whom are New York politicians:12742563_1028524843853052_1508193531945030557_n

This is a man who has had ample opportunity to put his efforts and money where his mouth now is. And he hasn’t.

Another thing, although this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if all of the above didn’t apply in spades, is that he’s an asshole. Given the long list of negatives working against him, it’s hard to get past this one, as well.

And lastly, to be sure, there are many more reasons. Tweet me yours – @MPHaus.

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