Hilarious: HuffPo Writer Explains Why Bernie Sanders Will Win In a Landslide

The Huffington Post today published an op/ed titled “Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in a Landslide.”

The explanations for this prediction are these:

  1. Most progressive (i.e., leftist) candidate
  2. Most trustworthy candidate
  3. Immense grass-roots support and high favorability numbers
  4. Continued polling increases despite limited television coverage and name recognition
  5. His socialism is the good kind and not the bad kind
  6. His stance on the all-important issue of income inequality

A quick tour of the author’s homepage shows that since October 1st, he’s published 60 blogposts – 55 of which have “Bernie Sanders” in the headline. In other words, the only place in America that is more pro-Bernie is the campaign’s own website. An example headline: “Fourteen Percent of Democrats Will Not Support Hillary Clinton. Only Bernie Sanders Prevents Low Voter Turnout.”

Although each post is an excellent re-write of Sanders’ campaign points, he doesn’t anywhere address two essential questions: Will a majority of Americans actually support a socialist (whether or not he’s the “good” kind) and are they willing to jettison freedom and liberty for governmental pushing and pulling economic levers to enforce financial parity?

In both cases, I think NOT.

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