Mark Cuban Has Some Harsh Words For Both Repub and Dem Candidates

Mark Cuban has a must-read blog titled “Blog Maverick.” Yesterday he posted an article discussing his views on the Presidential race and socio-capitalism.

His major points:

  1. Social Media Influencers are more important than traditional political endorsements. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It’s a new political world.
  2. SocioCapitalism is and has been Capitalism for Millennials. You haven’t been paying attention. Bernie has. Today, charitable give aways, or inclusive hiring as part of a product or service purchase is more than just common place. Millennials EXPECT capitalism to reflect a socialist element.
  3. There has not been a single instance of leadership from any of the candidates. The democrats argue about who can give away more stuff and is more progressive. The republicans argue about who is the purer conservative and how hard they will work to undo what is already done. Both sides stick purely to issues that are raised in polls and in debates. None of the candidates have moved into new territory.
  4. It’s a problem that all the candidates appear to be technologically illiterate. This isn’t about the age of the candidates. It’s about their knowledge. None has given us any reason to believe they could make a decision on the technology used by a tiny business let alone the country.
  5. The Ultimate Stress Test – Updated. At least half the country is stressed about keeping their heads above water. It’s not that they are mad at politicians, it’s that no one, politicians or elsewhere has proposed anything that gives anyone a glimmer of hope of swimming above their debt.
  6. Now for my pet peeve. There has never been an investor in the history of investors that has believed a 10 year projection in a business plan. Yet for some reason we allow candidates to deliver tax , healthcare and other financial plans over a 10 year period. The only certainty is that they are wrong. Are we that stupid?

Extremely interesting points from a thoughtful – and incredibly influential – billionaire.

Thank you for reading and please share!

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