Obama Wields Another Executive-Action Pen and This Time Business Will Pay

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will now require all businesses employing more than 100 people to report income data separated by gender and race.

  • The EEOC will analyze the data to determine if income disparities exist
  • The primary focus is men and women — are women getting paid less to do the same work?
  • The President: “Women are not getting the fair shot that we believe every single American deserves”
  • The agency calculates that it will only cost companies $400 per employee to comply

Just how long will this false narrative continue to be sold? When the factually-true pay gap (men average higher incomes than women) is analyzed for education, experience, industry, hours worked, and other similar factors, the gap all but disappears. In some cases, women actually earn more. In the mean time, businesses will now be burdened by more paper work to be sent to ever-watching bureaucrats, in pursuit of a mostly-fake problem that has been illegal since 1963.

Via Christian Science Monitor:

President Obama said more must be done to close the gender pay gap, announcing that his administration will expand its collection of data from businesses about what they pay.

President Obama sought to showcase progress on his watch on closing the pay gap for women while keeping up the pressure on business, Congress and individuals to tackle an issue he said was still far from being solved.

Marking the seventh anniversary of signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Obama said more must be done to get women into high-paying jobs, including those in science, technology, math and engineering. In recent years, thepay disparity has narrowed slightly, but a woman in the U.S. still makes 79 cents to a man’s dollar, the White House said.

“This will be a long haul,” Obama said.

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Working to ferret out abuses of equal pay laws, Obama announced that his administration will expand its collection of data from businesses about what they pay.

In 2014 Obama directed the Labor Department to collect data from federal contractors about what they payemployees, sorted by gender, race and ethnicity. The revised proposal will cover all businesses with 100 or more employees, regardless of whether they contract with the government.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will collect the data, which the government will use to help identify companies that should be investigated for failing to pay workers fairly, officials said. The first reports from companies will be due in September 2017.

Obama, as he often does, invoked his own two daughters to argue that no American parent should have to accept their daughters having less opportunity than their sons. He also called on businesses to ensure women aren’t penalized for starting a family and says men have responsibility for parenting, too.

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2 Comments on "Obama Wields Another Executive-Action Pen and This Time Business Will Pay"

  1. This is more use of political correctness to control and coerce. Most labor jobs pay by the job, doesn’t matter who is doing it. Salaried positions pay according to one’s worth. If one is worth more and asks for it, one will get more. However if one prices one’s self out of the market, one will join the unemployed replaced by someone willing to work for what the job is worth.

  2. It will be a relieve when we get a new president, one that really loves the USA and a honest Christian not a Muslim
    I am not a Trump fan but we need a president with the guts to keep our country safe and not give it away as Obama is doing.

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