12.21 #HausRules – German Islamic Terror, Obama’s Offshore Ban, and HausGuest David Shestokas

12.19 – Hillary, Actually and 13 Ways the Russians Hacked Her Campaign. And HausGuest Martha Kumar

12.16 – Tucker Vs Eichenwald, Top Google Searches, and HausGuests Dave Coen and Chris Newfield

12.13 #HausRules – Cosby, Flip Flopped, 2 Trump Cabinet Picks, and HausGuest Bryan Crabtree

12.12 – Important Petitions, Old Man Potter Was the REAL Hero, and HausGuest Dr. Jerome Corsi

12.9 HausRules: Sads From Valerie Jarrett, Biden’s Out for 2020, and HausGuests Dan Chambers and Tom Harris