12.7 – Day of Infamy Anniversary, Constitutional Sound Bites, and HausGuest Michelle Ray

12.6 #HausRules – DemFails, Trump News, and HausGuest Peter Rosenberger

12.2 #HausRules – Victoria Secret’s Racism, BuzzFeed Fake News, Trump Victory Tour, and HausGuest Dave Coen

Apology upfront: the previously-advertised HausGuest from Heritage will appear on MONDAY. Please forward complaints to MPH@HausRules.us.  They’ll be given proper consideration. Here’s today’s entire show:…

12.1 #HausRules – Absurd XFinity Commercial and HausGuests Christian Toto and Michelle Minton

11.30 #HausRules – Crazy CA News, Constitutional Sound Bites with David Shestokas, and HausGuest Derek Hunter

11.29 #HausRules – Hollywood and White House Hilarity, OSU Anti-Gun Responses, Trump Flag Fail, and HausGuest Bob Siegel

11.22 #HausRules – Clinton Foundation, Fauxcahontas & “The Big Short,” and HausGuest Phil Kerpen

11.18 #HausRules – Some Trump Admin Choices and HausGuests Lee Edwards of Heritage and Dan Chambers

11.17 #HausRules – Sanctuary Cities, Denver Pot Rules, UofM Fail, and HausGuest T Becket Adams