Tales From Today’s Ted Cruz Rally

Ted Cruz held a rally on Monday morning at the Hotel Irvine. Two friends and I showed up to check it out and hear what he had to say.

There was lots of Cruz swag out front:IMG_2417

The room was VERY full:Cruz Selfie

There were some BIG TIME Cruz fans:IMG_2421IMG_2446

The a/c had a VERY hard time catching up:

After multiple state and county GOP representatives spoke and introduced the next introducer, Cruz gave a 30 minute barnburner:


It was classic Cruz – heavy on the importance of limited constitutionally-inspired government and the vast potential for America. The biggest boos were from mentioning Hillary Clinton (only slightly less for Donald Trump) and the biggest cheers were for eliminating the IRS (and the picture of Mark Levin drew about the same). Here’s a quick clip of a few short segments:

Unfortunately, not every attendee was inspired:IMG_2428

Here are a couple of great summary tweets from my friend Katie:

After he finished, I got this close (note the great hairstyle of the security fella!):IMG_2466

I tried to get a high five from him, but he was handed a baby (with a #CruzCrew onesie) instead.

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