The Democrat Presidential Race Is Rigged – Clinton Leaves NH With As Many Delegates As Bernie

You’d think that Bernie Sanders’ win in New Hampshire means that he walked with more delegates than did Hillary Clinton.

You’d be wrong.

The Democrat party process includes so-called super-delegates, party representatives who cast votes for the nomination that are NOT necessarily beholden to caucus or primary results. 6 super-delegates for New Hampshire indicated that they will support Clinton and the remaining 2 are uncommitted. This means that Hillary leaves the state with a total of 15 delegates – 9 from the election and 6 from the super-delegates. Sanders also leaves with 15, all of them won by trouncing her in a two-to-one electoral victory.

In other words, there were 24 delegates on the line in New Hampshire via the voting population of the state and 8 more via specially appointed party leaders. 25% of the state’s impact on the Presidential campaign will come through hand-picked party notables.

In New Hampshire, these include the state party chairman, the governor, a senator, a Congresswoman, and members of the Democrat National Committee.

Countrywide, Clinton has amassed the committed support of 360 super-delegates whereas Sanders has only 6. Around 2,200 are needed to secure the nomination.

The way the Democrat party has set things up, a few hundred select individuals have as much influence on the nomination as do millions and millions of voters.

A better word than “election” for this process is “election-ish.” It’s a rigged game with the results all but predetermined for Hillary Clinton. The only way, conceivably, that the committed super-delegates would change their mind, would be if Sanders continues to dominate her state after state, making it impossible for the vote machine to offer up Clinton as the “winner.”

This meme sums it up (with a nice little secondary meaning, as well):meme

In stark contrast to this fixed sham of a game, the Republican party does not have super-delegates. You may call what the Democrat party is doing a “process,” to be be sure, but don’t call it an “election” or “democracy.” Because it’s not.

H/T The Hill

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