Trump Explained He’ll Approach the Israel-Palestine Conflict In a ‘Neutral’ Way

In a townhall meeting with MSNBC, Donald Trump made two points about the conflict between Israel and Palestine:

  1. Obtaining a peace agreement that will last will be an incredibly difficult “deal” to make
  2. He will remain “neutral” in any negotiation in order best position himself to “help”

Watch the exchange here:

Reminder: Israel is our best ally in the Middle East

Another reminder: Hamas is the controlling political authority in Palestine

Details on Hamas:

  • They are listed as a terrorist group by the National Terrorism Center
  • Their founding charter includes this statement: “The Islamic resistance movement has been looking forward to fulfilling the promise of Allah [IE the destruction of the Jews], no matter how long that might take.”
  • Their leaders say things like this:hamas-infographic

The treatment of Israel and Palestine as co-equal aggressors or with some sort of moral equivalence is absurd. A position of neutrality confirms this perspective.

As the saying goes, “If the Palestinians laid down their weapons, there would be peace; if Israel laid down their weapons, there would be no Israel.”

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