Trump Says His History of Infidelity is Fair Game In Campaign

Donald Trump was asked if his history of infidelity is fair game for the campaign:

Reporter: “You’ve gone after former president Bill Clinton for his infidelity, are your own personal indiscretions fair game in this campaign?”

Trump: “Yes, they would be”

Of course they are. This is really about the media trying to shield Hillary Clinton from discussions about her involvement in defending and covering up for Bill.

Suggesting that Bill’s history of serial infidelities and sexual abuse are themselves an issue for Hillary is incorrect; they are not. But her actions during and afterwards are not only fair game, they should be discussed and addressed. She’s portrayed herself as a defender of women and she clearly is not.

A great example of how much the media does NOT want Hillary’s actions to be an issue is demonstrated in this exchange from last week between Don Lemon and Kurt Schlichter:

H/T Mediaite

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