Turns Out There Is ONE Small Upside to Obamacare’s Continued Train Wreck

The Congressional Budget Office just released a report that shows a dramatic reduction in Obamacare’s benefits, compared to their initial 2010 forecasts.

There were 4 significant revisions, all showing that it is massively underperforming on its intended results:

  1. 22.7% more uninsured than forecast (27 million VS 22 million)
  2. 7 million fewer insured on company-provided health plans (155 million VS 162 million)
  3. 38% fewer are expected to be enrolled in 2016 (13 million VS 22 million)
  4. 33% more on Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program (68 million VS 52 million)

The upside: $151 billion less taxpayer money will be spent.

In other words, because so many fewer people are accessing the system than expected, the government is having to spend less.

A corollary to this is that fewer dollars are having to be spent subsidizing insurance company losses, as well.

The hoped-for results of Obamacare have not materialized. Not even close. The government takeover of healthcare continues to crash and burn. It’s time to start over. And this time, let the healthcare professionals, individuals, and the marketplace create a solution – and not depend on government and its bureaucracy.

Read more at National Center for Policy Analysis

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