Video: ‘Trump University’ Promo. Followed By Some Uncomfortable Facts

Here’s what The Donald promised students:

Now, of course, as result of the New York state’s warning that the “institution” was operating without the proper licenses, it has been renamed the “Trump Entrepreneur Initiative.”

One hilarious comment: “we’re going to hire the BEST!”

That sounds familiar. Now he’s had to hire the best lawyers to defend himself over multiple lawsuits involving thousands of litigants. The basic assertion: it was a classic real-estate scam. The free seminar was a cover to get people to spend money to get into the next one. That one was a hard-core sales pitch to spend $35,000 to get the “gold” class.

Here are some comments from “graduates” of the “university”:

Interesting excerpts from the “training manual”:

  • “Reporters are rarely on your side and they are not sympathetic”
  • “If a district attorney arrives on the scene, contact the appropriate media spokesperson immediately”

Bottom line: it was a scam and the guy behind it all is the one saying he’s a great businessman. And that’s the foundational justification for his Presidential campaign. No thanks.

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