Watch What a Good Guy With a Gun Can Do (Unless You’re Anti-2nd Amendment)

Rhetoric on both sides of the gun-control argument has been been incessant and passionate on the heels of the Orlando shooting. President Obama has encouraged that Americans need to do some “soul-searching.” Dana Loesch pointed out that “criminals don’t pay attention to ‘Gun-Free Zones’.”

Memes like these are inundating social media:meme1b meme 1

Watch this short clip, taken from a security camera, of what happens when a pistol-packing would-be thief encounters a good guy with a gun:

Obviously, the police officer was well trained. On the other hand, a good guy with a gun doesn’t necessarily guaranty an ideal result.

Gun-rights expert John Lott just pointed out some significant facts in a column published by the New York Post:

  1. Singer Christina Grimmie’s murder and the Orlando shooting occurred in vigorously-enforced gun-free zones
  2. None of the newly-proposed gun control laws would have stopped any of the country’s mass public shootings that have occurred since 2000
  3. 80% of the members of a major law enforcement organization said that legally armed citizens would reduce casualties in a mass shooting situation
  4. Right-to-carry laws can make a difference and there are dozens of examples each year that prove the point

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 7.37.02 AM

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