Wednesday HausGuest Announcements: Constitutional Sound Bites and Howard Schweitzer

The convention has been blistering on and it will certainly be a central topic for the day. Again.

We also have two HausGuests for Wednesday:

Constitutional Sound Bites – David Shestokas

Continuing our popular and fantastic regular Wednesday segment:Constitutional Sound Bite

You may not have heard much about this all-important historical document from Cleveland, so get your fix here!

Howard Schweitzer

Here’s Howard’s bio:

Howard Schweitzer is the managing partner of Cozen O’Connor Public Strategies and served in high-level political and executive appointments in the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations, including a pivotal role in the federal government’s financial crisis response as Chief Operating Officer of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Howard counsels clients regarding a variety of regulatory and policy issues before the U.S. government and represents clients before U.S. Executive Branch agencies and Congress.

Howard is in Cleveland at the convention and we will benefit from his insights and comments about it. For example, he recently discussed with the Washington Post that despite Trump’s being a New Yorker, Wall Street is NOT a fan.

In May Howard published an op/ed at The Daily Caller about what transitioning to a Trump Presidency would look like. It’s a very good read and ends with this:

President Trump, like President Obama, will find that when you close off the government to the political class, you embolden the “permanent government” – and that will make things even worse. That only gives the bureaucracy more power, which means less change and greater advantage for those with a deep insiders’ perspective on how to manipulate the inner workings of government.

As a result, unless he starts taking steps now, he’s going to realize the hard way that the presidency is far more than performance art.

We will certainly see what he thinks about that NOW.

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