Wednesday’s HausGuest: Matt Kibbe

Even if you only been sort of paying attention to the political scene over the last 10+ years, Matt Kibbe needs no introduction. I am really excited to have him on.


He is the President and founder of FreeThePeople as well as the founder and former President of FreedomWorks.

Here’s the description of FreeThePeople – see if you can find a single thing in it with which to disagree:

At Free the People, our goal is a big one: to permanently shift power away from political insiders and Washington cronies, back to local communities and free people. Using cutting-edge technology and story-telling we will build a grassroots constituency that can translate good ideas into education, conversation, and social activism. This community will influence culture and public opinion, and drive boots-on-the-ground social change from the bottom up.

We defend free speech online, the right to bear arms, and privacy from government cyber-snooping, all with equal passion. We fight government cronyism and will go after big businesses that game the system at the expense of consumers and competitors. Our shared values, like equal treatment under the law and innocent until proven guilty, animate fights for justice reform, and against federal mandatory minimum sentences and civil asset forfeiture. Most importantly, we defend free choice in everything from drug policy, to healthcare and retirement, to every aspect of the sharing economy.

He wrote a book describing the whys and wherefores of liberty:images

For a flavor of what Matt thinks of the current political scene, watch this short video titled “The Rules of Politics Are Changing”:

Matt is a contributor to ConservativeReview, where his articles, columns, and videos also appear.

As to the question that is on everyone’s mind – we might get around to discussing it as well:

Will we ever see the sideburns again???

                       Will we ever see the sideburns again???

Two more insider fun facts for a Randian like me: Two of Matt’s cats are named Roark and Ragnar.

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