Wednesday’s HausRules Guest: Jennifer Burke of The Politistick

This is a big treat – both for me and my listeners. Jennifer Burke is going to be my guest.

Jennifer Burke

You’ve almost certainly seen something from The Politistick – they’re one of the most popular conservative-leaning sites on the web. And she’s their editor-in-chief.


Here’s a summary of what they do, taken straight from their “About” page:

Are we biased? Yes we are. But at least we are willing to admit it, unlike other media sources. We are biased in favor of politicians who uphold the Constitution and American freedom. We are strongly against those who attack American liberty, regardless of political party or affiliation and we write accordingly.

Not only is Jennifer wicked smart, she’s delightful, funny, and beautiful, too!

It will be a GREAT segment, no question about it. And, as always, it comes with our patented money-back guaranty.

The show is live at 7am PST / 10am EST.

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