Yes, Of Course Hillary Is Totally Unfit, But Donald Trump Keeps Reminding Me That He Is Too

Note: originally published a month ago at Independent Journal Review

My social media timelines are a constant flow of things like this:

  • “Why are you talking about Donald Trump so much, instead of about terrible Hillary?”
  • “Is your radio show subtitled the ‘Bag on Trump Hour’?”
  • “Don’t you realize that Hillary will be awful for America?”
  • “I’m surprised that you are working so hard to get Hillary elected.”
  • “You cuck America-hating @$$&%*#, $#*& off and die you $@# of a &!#@#, only Trump can save us.”

And those are the mellow ones.

It indeed might be true that I spend more time considering/discussing/tweeting/facebooking/whining about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

First of all, to get this out of the way, I absolutely loathe Hillary Clinton and shudder to acknowledge that it looks like she will be the next president. She is a lying, self-dealing, unlikable statist scold. I can’t imagine there are any areas of ideological or policy-related common ground between us and can only tolerate listening to her speak for only the briefest of seconds.

Every day there are more facts revealed that further demonstrate how unfit she is to hold the office. With last week’s release of Huma Abedin’s emails absolutely removing any doubt as to the pay-to-play game Hillary organized with her foundation’s donors while “serving” as secretary of state, the word “corrupt” hilariously understates the case.

Here’s the thing, though: NOTHING about any of this surprises me. There hasn’t been one piece of information about her, starting back with “What difference, at this point, does it make,” that her private server was “for convenience,” and up through “Comey said my answers were truthful,” that generated anything but an immediate #NotShocked response. Any and all revelations about her have been the political version of “water is wet” to me.

Despite this, she was the overwhelming and clear choice to be the leader of the Democrat Party. This wasn’t surprising either. For a time I wondered if Joe Biden would throw his hat in the ring. When he didn’t, I knew her nomination was a sure thing.

As a result, Clinton Inc. news has become boring to me. I only sometimes skim the latest stories, I ignore the damning or funny memes, and don’t engage in any social media discussions. Even the new news is old news and I’m over it.

Donald Trump, however, is a totally different story. Despite having already clarified a couple of months ago that I’m not #NeverTrump, I come to a renewed “I just cannot imagine supporting this guy” conclusion almost every single day.

I’m just entertained and entranced by the regularity with which he shoots himself in the foot and proves how unfit he too is for the office. Two more things recently occurred that made me shake my head and give further attention to my draft “I told you so” column. One was policy related and the other spoke to his adolescent-like tone deafness:

His immigration backtrack

Right at the beginning of his campaign, Trump was clear about deporting all illegal aliens. He spent the bulk of the primary season castigating his opponents as amnesty-seeking weaklings. This has been a lynchpin of his campaign and he’s now waffling, big time. The Washington Examiner called it “finessing” his position and most many of his supporters tied themselves in knots to explain it, but it’s merely the latest revelation that he’s shooting from the hip and without any serious ideological foundation. Charles Krauthammer specifically noticed and called out his “softening” on the issue:

His political exploitation

Dwayne Wade’s cousin was killed in a Chicago shooting, an innocent victim of a gang exchange, and Trump tweeted this:screen-shot-2016-08-27-at-8-35-28-am-1024x513

The Tweet was later removed, but the point still remains and damage done. Setting aside the fuzzy logic contained therein, it reveals a crassness and insensitivity that is staggeringly obtuse. Despite his asserting that in 2020 he’ll get 95% of the black vote, he’s currently polling at around 1% and this will definitely not help.

The bottom line is this: a plurality of GOP voters nominated a candidate who may have been the only one unable to beat the atrocious Mrs. Clinton. It’s a raging dumpster fire atop a slow-moving car wreck that I cannot stop watching. If he does lose, it will NOT be because a handful of principled folks refused to board the train.

As far as the election itself, still months into the future, I do understand there are polls that show Hillary losing ground and Trump as slightly ahead. But I refuse to get caught up in that second-guessing game. Recall playing the “But The Polls Are Wrong!” game in 2012? I sure do. But they weren’t. I’m not going to fall for it this time.

This is what the polls are showing right now:screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-2-14-40-pm
Of course, something significant may happen between now and November that changes everything and you can imagine the wide variety of things that could include. But until then, I’ll continue to watch my party’s nominee, screwing it up as he goes along, listening to the latest “NOW he’s going to get Presidential!” pronouncement from an acolyte or whomever the latest campaign head happens to be, and cry/laugh my way to the finish line.


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